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NEXT MEETING:  Board meeting  18-10-2018

AGENDA:   Agenda Board 18-10-2018

Minutes of last meeting:  Minutes Board 04-10-2018

Current activities:

  • Pre App meetings with Stroud DC, Glos County Highways, almost concluded
  • Finalising the design – Last two significant reports (Acoustic Design and Drainage Strategy) accepted in December 2017. Drainage will require further checking with Severn Trent, which will be completed by the builder’s engineers.
  • Up-loading the Full Planning Application (following the above) to the Stroud DC website. This can be done gradually by the architects as each report and drawing is finalised but is not visible to the planners until ECLT authorises the pressing of the “submit” button (and hands over a cheque for £8,800 to Stroud DC)
  • Significant work is being done on the legal aspects (Conditional Contract, 125-year Lease and Report on Title), involving the solicitors for the landowner, Aster Group and ECLT. These must be agreed by all three parties before submitting the Planning Application

The DROP IN Sessions  were well attended.

More than 30 people attended at the Village Hall on Thursday 27th April 2017 and another 20 at the KB Coaches old office on Saturday 29th April.

Even more pleasing was that 25 more people signed up for ECLT membership – bringing our total to 109.  This level of support makes applying for Community grants much easier, so a big thank you to all who came along.