Q1. How do you know what is needed?

In 2012/2013 the Parish Council instigated a Parish Survey to find out more about who ‘we’ really were and what our main likes/dislikes/concerns were about living here, the things and places that we valued most and what we thought would improve lives. Part of this survey indicated resident families’ needs for smaller houses and property to rent.

This was followed up by a properly recognised ‘Housing Needs Survey’ to consider our own need for both Market and Affordable Housing over the next 5 years. This survey showed an actual requirement for 23 affordable and some market homes, mostly one and two bedroomed dwellings. This survey will be repeated in 2018. It was felt that the market home requirements would be met by outside developers ( e.g. Swallowcroft), but there was no mechanism to supply the required Affordable rented housing for LOCAL people.

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