Q5. How can it help limit other development?

Because of the Local and Neighbourhood plans, ‘Normal’ market development is allowed only inside the prescribed settlement boundaries.

If a developer wishes to build on the greenfield sites outside of these boundaries he applies for the site to become an ‘exception’ to the normal rule.  Exception sites are intended for Affordable Housing.

The developer has to show that there is a need.  He can then apply to ‘support’  the Affordable housing costs by also building some Market housing on the same site (up to a maximum of 49%).

The CLT hopes to be able to demonstrate that they are satisfying the local need (without requiring support from Market Value Housing) – this makes it harder for the other developers to claim an exception site.

This only works while SDC can prove that they have enough ‘strategic’ land supply for housing – which at present they do, for the next 5 years.